Pro-Laminates - the Fibre Glass and Moulding Specialists

Pro-Laminates was established in 1994 by Nick Vincent and his previous business partner.  Pro-Laminates is now run by Nick and his new business partner Mark Slater.

The original partners had both worked extensively in the GRP field for many years and realising there was a need in the market for a smaller-sized manufacturing fibre glass company, they felt able to provide highly cost effective solutions across a wide range of applications. Pro-Laminates utilise a full working knowledge of the GRP industry providing superior quality GRP mouldings, whilst understanding the need for a highly professional and reliable service.

Pro-Laminates specialise in the design and manufacture of exceptional quality GRP (GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC) mouldings for most applications. Our highly skilled team have many years of experience in this specialised field, which is essential to ensure we deliver mouldings of the highest standard.

Pro-Laminates continually monitor quality control these standards throughout the manufacturing process. This enables us to dispatch products from the workshop direct to the customer, who may be assured that they will be receiving the best possible result.

Glass Reinforced Plastic is one of the most versatile construction materials used today, it can offer the designer a wide scope for complexity of shape and can prove extremely cost effective. GRP (GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC) offers the customer dimensional stability, strength, lightness of weight, choice of colour, and a multitude of finishes. There is almost no limit to the complexity of shape, surface appearance and scale of work achievable in GRP. Our expert team of professionals will help you realise your ideas and will provide a truly end-to-end service second to none.

Pro-Laminates are proud to announce that they are now the owners of Rodline INTERNATIONAL and can supply a huge variety of HotRod bodies and accessories.

Please take a look at our website and give us a call to discuss your next requirement. We are always happy to offer our expertise.